[Drupal] Test scenarios for user registration process on eCommerce Drupal websites

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Suppose you website sells products. Both anonymous user and registered user will be able to purchase products. And the registration process takes place in two ways.

  1. Normal registration process.
  2. When an anonymous user first time purchase a product, registration process will take place automatically.

Then the test scenarios we need to tested are

  1. Check whether user is able to register into the site normally.
  2. Check whether user registration took place automatically when a user purchase a product first time.
  3. Check whether user got Order confirmation mail.
  4. Check whether the Order Confirmation mail contain the login credentials.
  5. Check whether the Order Confirmation mail contain the Order details.
  6. Check whether user is able to login with credentials received through the mail.
  7. Check whether user is able to Change the password.
  8. Check whether mail received in the mail doesn't contain the auto generated credentials when the user purchase the next product.
  9. Check whether the user is receiving mail in Inbox itself.
  10. Check the status of the user is active/blocked in drupal admin page.
  11. Check multiple registration process will not take place when user purchase different products with same email id.
  12. Check whether user whose registration took place into the site automatically have the same permission as a normal registered user.

By going through all these scenarios, we can assure that the user registration process functionality is working fine. Please note that the cases depend upon on the project we are handling.