7 Pillars to a Successful Enterprise Web Development

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Enterprise web development services

The world is living in a digital age today. A business website must, thus, deliver more than just static information and guidance to its visitors to make a positive, lasting impression in their minds. Its touchpoints must be fluid, convenient, and seamless to foster better customer relationships. Enterprise web development services focus on creating memorable digital experiences that help enhance the quality of customer journeys on your website.

Enterprise Website: A Primer

An enterprise website today encompasses much more than business news and updates. It isn’t a notice board for the latest launches or offers anymore; it is an interactive entity that thrives on consumer engagement. An enterprise website embodies dynamism by providing visitors with hyper-personalized journeys, superior digital experiences, immersive, relevant content, and seamless transition between touchpoints. To be able to develop such a masterpiece requires cutting-edge digital experience platforms and the skill of seasoned enterprise web development services. Zyxware Technologies can help you create a state-of-the-art enterprise website development on Drupal.



Features of a Good Enterprise Web Development

Certain features distinguish a successful enterprise web development from a regular one; let’s see what are the good features required for enterprise web development.


Scalability is the capability of a website to handle increases in traffic and workloads with ease while retaining its structure and resource use. A good enterprise website handles contingency well.


A good enterprise website needs to have a capable CMS, like Drupal. The website can plug into third-party technologies for enhanced functionality and better performance.



Friendly UI

The buzz is big on keeping all consumer touchpoints user-friendly. It is an essential feature of a good enterprise website.

Superb Security and Compliance

With data privacy regulations abounding worldwide, it is essential to automate the security and compliance protocol to create a good enterprise website.

Uncompromised Performance

Consumers are not patient. A good enterprise website must load within two seconds of clicking.

Why Does Your Business Need an Enterprise Website?

A good enterprise website acts as a nexus between your brand and your consumers.

  • Enterprise websites stay online 24x7, increasing customers’ opportunities to interact with your brand.
  • A good enterprise website actively siphons traffic from web searches, helping your business attract more leads.
  • Your enterprise website allows customers to learn more about your business quickly by eliminating design complexities.
  • Your enterprise website is a digital asset that can bring tangible benefits to your business through improved ROI, a boost in sales, and more.
  • In today’s digital world, an enterprise website is the first place your consumers would search for your brand details.

A capable enterprise web development service like Zyxware Technologies can help you check all these boxes.

Attributes of a Successful Enterprise Digital Experience Platform

A successful enterprise DXP has certain uncompromisable attributes that give it the ultimate edge:

  • Multilingual capabilities to support a business’s multi-country operations across the globe
  • Functionality to build landing pages and micro-websites for enhanced marketing
  • Functions to enable enterprise-level search capability for better employee engagement and satisfaction
  • SEO optimization to help structure the website according to the latest browser algorithms
  • Personalization capabilities that enhance customer journey and experience
  • Analytics tools to help monitor website performance and tweak where needed
  • Capabilities to plug the enterprise platform with MarTech tools for better marketing strategies
  • Single sign-on capabilities
  • Provisions to integrate with incumbent ERPs
  • Cloud hosting for better resource use

Enterprise Websites and Digital Experience Platforms

Your enterprise website is the face of your business in the online world.

A digital experience platform, on the other hand, is a collection of well-connected technologies that can work in tandem to help you create a stellar enterprise website for your business.

In addition to enabling responsiveness, multilingual capabilities, multichannel support, cross-channel touchpoint transfer, and a horde of other modern functionalities, a DXP has tools that enhance your website’s performance.

Drupal, for example, is a market-leading content management system and DXP that helps you create immersive, modern enterprise websites.

The 7 Pillars of a Successful Enterprise Web Development

An enterprise website has clearly defined objectives and transparent workflows that make it efficient and conversion-friendly. The seven important pillars of a successful enterprise web development are as follows:

  • It is scalable
  • It is secure and compliant with prescribed laws and regulations
  • It has a clear, intuitive architecture
  • It has a customer-centric, conversion-focused design
  • It has a consistent, consolidated, and well-connected backend
  • It is mobile-first and responsive
  • It is accessible and inclusive of all users

With a capable digital experience platform like Drupal and with the help of skilled enterprise web development services like Zyxware Technologies, your enterprise digital experience platform can perform well on all the aspects listed above. Our Drupal development and consulting services can help you create a scalable and robust digital platform that delivers an exceptional user experience.

Drupal and Enterprise Web Development

Through attempts to make website experiences better for consumers, businesses have shifted their focus from contemplating what a good experience is to how it can be achieved.

While personalization, smooth transitions, and seamless channel switching are commandeering these efforts, such feats cannot be achieved by individualized and isolated systems.

A more consolidated and integrated approach is required that bridges the gaps between what is envisioned and what is delivered.

Drupal, a modern content management system with additional capabilities, has the caliber to deliver an enterprise website that fits the bill.

Functionalities like analytics, journey mapping, multi-experience support, integration, collaboration, and more are possible for enterprise web development with Drupal.

How to Build an Enterprise Website?

The steps to build a successful enterprise website focus on the fundamentals of what an enterprise website development needs to be.

Adopt Customer-Centric Approach

Websites are a pet project that can quickly get out of control without grounding the efforts on customer needs. Prioritize how your customers would want to use your enterprise website instead of the story you wish to tell them through it.

A website is more than your bulletin board—your consumers would use it the most.

Profile Your Constituents

The fundamental approach to designing a great website is profiling the users. Whether they are internal to your business or external, it is essential to understand how each constituent would use your website to design it well.

Make it Mobile-First

Where would you search for a website first? The answer is probably your mobile device. Always design your enterprise website responsive and mobile-first to deliver better consumer experiences.

Content Layout Matters

Each constituent interacts with your content differently. Longer content formats may not appeal to your consumers but may be necessary for your employees. Consider the dimensions of content layout for a successful enterprise website.

Make it Seamless

Integrate the modern digital experiences that customers expect in your website. Be it multiple payment methods, self-service chatbots, personalized carts, or anything else—use DXPs to provide a multi-experience journey to your consumers.

The best way to build a successful website is to hire an enterprise web development service. Zyxware Technologies can help you.

Hire Drupal Expert

Zyxware Technologies, an agency acknowledged as one of the Top 10 contributors to Drupal web development, can help you augment your existing teams with the expertise needed for enterprise web development.

Whether your business requires additional staffing or a full-scale enterprise web development service for a greenfield project, Zyxware Technologies offers Hire Drupal Developers Services to bridge the skill gaps and see your website projects to fruition..

A Zyxware DXP Success Story

Zyxware Technologies has helped IIT Palakkad reimagine and remodel its admission and recruitment portals using Drupal as the CMS and DXP.

The institute was struggling with inefficient manual processes scattered across various departments. They used hardcoded legacy technologies, making it time-consuming to execute simple tasks.

Zyxware Technologies decided on creating five portals using Drupal for the project:

  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Staff recruitment
  • Research admissions
  • PG admissions
  • Internships

These portals were aimed at:

  • Enhancing the workflows
  • Enabling multi-level shortlisting for recruitment
  • Enhancing productivity during the hiring
  • Reduction in intervention required by developers
  • Accumulating flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness into the systems

You can read more about this case study here.1

If you're looking to reimagine and remodel your enterprise digital platform, let Zyxware Technologies help you achieve digital success with our Drupal development and consulting services. Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Drupal for Enterprise Web Development

Is Drupal a digital experience platform?

Drupal started as a content management system for creating websites. However, today, it is rapidly transforming into a cutting-edge digital experience platform.

How will Drupal help in enterprise modernization?

One of the world’s most preferred and trusted platforms for content management, Drupal is an enterprise-ready solution to aid your digital transformation journey with new-age digital technologies.

How well can Drupal be integrated with your MarTech stack?

The unparalleled flexibility of Drupal lets you integrate it with your other ERPs like Google Analytics, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce, Marketo, and many more. You can plug Drupal in with a wide range of your MarTech tools.

How will Drupal help digital transformation initiatives?

Drupal isn’t just a tool you can use for building websites. It offers you the functionality to make your projects scalable and create immersive digital touch points to foster positive customer relationships through outstanding digital experiences.

What is the difference between Acquia and Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system that lets you create hyper-customized websites. Drupal also provides DXP capabilities if you want to enrich customer experiences online.

On the other hand, Acquia is commercial enterprise that offer a set of cloud based SaaS solutions on top of Drupal. Dries Buytaert, who created Drupal, is the founder of Acquia, and Acquia is one of the top contributors to Drupal, but is not the only company working in the domain.