Multilingual Online Book Store for a Publishing Company

Olive Publications is a multi-language online shopping site for books. Olive Publications was formed as a private limited company in 1999, with its registered office in Calicut, Kerala, India. The company has published more than 1500 books including the works of famous Malayalam writers like M. T. Vasudevan Nair, Madhavikutty, O.N.V., T. Padmanabhan, Mukundan, Paul Zacharia, etc. Olive Publications publish and sell Malayalam books in different categories including translations of many books written in other languages.

Pain Areas

The client used to sell their books through other shopping sites and this was their main source of revenue. To eliminate the dependency on other sites and the middle men, they decided to create their own e-commerce site for their books as well as books from other publishers.

Client requirement was to create an online retail site for selling books. They liked the features and advantages of creating a shopping site using Commerce Kickstart and decided to go for it.

Other requirements were

  • Instead of creating each product, system should have an option to import books to the site from a CSV file
  • System should send mails to client and admin when an order is completed and purchased
  • Implement a multi language feature in site



Special Features Provided

We also implemented other features to enhance the performance of the site.

  • Integrated Google Analytics in site to analyse the traffic and behaviours
  • Memcache for site caching
  • Integrated CCavenu Payment Method in site for making payments
  • Captcha for avoiding unwanted user registration
  • Created a view block to display latest products in homepage
  • Created a view block in homepage where admin can select and to display Award Winning Books
  • Created a custom block to display best sellers based on the books sold
  • Send mails to client and user when an order is purchased


Our first plan was to implement the feature of importing products from CSV file to site using feed importer module. But in feed importer module we could create only Nodes and taxonomy terms, commerce product could not be created. On further analysing we found a module Commerce Product Importer, configuring this module, we could easily import Products and its variations.

Initially the site was implemented using a base theme of Commerce Kickstart. The theme was not eye catchy and also Commerce kickstart themes doesn’t support Bootstrap theme. So we created a custom theme to increase the look and feel of the site and support responsiveness as well.

We used Address module for creating Business and Shipping Address. But in this module there was a bug in setting the default address. We had to debug the issue and create a patch for it.

Tools and Platforms Used

Drupal 7

Commerce Kickstart Theme

Font Awesome

Some of the modules used in the project were:


Commerce Kickstart

GA modules

CCavenue Module


Html Mail



Localization(Multi Language)

Third Party Integrations:

Google Analytics

CCavenu Payment Integration


Within a period of 4 months, the site has had over 3000 page views with an average of 7.34 pages per session. The site has started picking up sales, without any SEO being implemented at all. The main traffic is from India and the US with an enviably low bounce rate of 30.5%.