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| 5 min read
In order to identify what to write on in this edition of the newsletter, I interacted with some people in Zyxware. The suggestions, at first glance, appeared varied. But the more I think about it, the more I feel that there is a common thread running through them. The common thread is that of the future of Zyxware as an organisation, its vision and how it plans to get there. I am putting together a response here which are broad answers to the questions. More specificity would require me to take up more space which I am afraid will not be possible in the newsletter. But I would be happy to engage in the comments section.
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| 7 min read
I am delighted to see that a newsletter has been started in Zyxware. This will be one more medium for exchange of ideas apart from the skype and whatsapp groups that are already there in Zyxware. Hopefully, we will be able to create more forums, including focused groups, that will make Zyxware a vibrant and creative place bustling with ideas.