Installing Internet Explorer in Ubuntu made easy

Firefox is a not only a choice, but a better alternative to Internet Explorer for GNU/Linux users. Windows version of Firefox is also available for download for free. But some sites may not at all show up properly in Firefox. This has nothing to do with Firefox, it is more or less an issue on part of the designers of the site itself. Since Internet Explorer does not have a Linux version, you will have to use wine to install and run Internet Explorer in Ubuntu. We have compiled a step by step procedure on how to install Internet Explorer in Ubuntu with useful screenshots.

Buy HCL laptops or Home PCs from Zyxware and get BSNL broadband connection for Rs. 200 with free modem

March 06, 2009 - 13:12

Buy an HCL Ezeebee home PC from Zyxware and get high speed BSNL Broadband 1GB connection just for Rs. 200 instead of Rs. 250 and get the modem for free. This offer is valid till stocks last. The free modem is available only with HCL Desktops.

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Migrating Local Mail Server to Google Apps

We had a query from one of our customers to help them migrate their local mail server to Google Apps. They wanted to do this because they did not have the sufficient in-house capability nor have the funds to get paid external capability to support an internal mail server. One hurdle that they were facing was that they had around 40GB of mail left on the local mail server that they wanted to migrate to the new mail accounts they created on Google Apps.

Slow broadband in Ubuntu Hardy? - Speed up your internet connection

If you have noticed a drastic slowdown in your DSL internet connection after you upgraded to Ubuntu Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) then it might not be that your ISP is entirely to blame. It could be settings on your PC that is slowing things down. We had a problem in our office where Ubuntu PCs were getting only around 80Kbps as opposed to 2Mbps from Windows machines. After troubleshooting and playing with some configuration parameters we got the Ubuntu Machines up to the same level as the Windows PCs

7 tips to make real money online through blogging

June 23, 2008 - 22:24
The world is moving online. With this a huge and ever-growing chunk of the world advertising spending is moving online. A slice of this pie is for yours to take provided you do the right home work and take the right effort and persist in putting it for a sustained period of time. As with any task that generates revenue it is not as easy at it sounds like because if it had been so, it would have been tried out by too many people leading to a ruin of the revenue potential of the task.

Make money out of your website through advertisements

April 08, 2008 - 18:06

We are a tech start-up firm. Our objective is to make money by developing successful web based applications for the general public. There are two ways of making money online. One is when you create a web based system and then sell rights to advertise on the website to ad-networks or directly to companies. The second is when your application becomes immensely popular and you sell the complete website to a bigger player who pays for future revenues and consolidation advantages.

How to make easy money by selling domains on Afternic

What is the easiest way to convert ideas into money? Sure there is no short-cut way and you still have to put in a lot of effort but making money on Afternic is reasonably easy and straightforward. If you have a creative flair and have some money that you can safely spare then Afternic is for you. For those of you who have not heard of Afternic, it is the online system where you can sell your domain names for the highest bidder.

Setting up Airtel GPRS on Ubuntu via Nokia Communicator 9300 and data cable.

February 12, 2008 - 01:55
We had never had to configure an Airtel GPRS internet connection on a Laptop with Ubuntu before as we never had a customer who had one such connection. We however got an opportunity last day when we installed ubuntu on a compaq presario F733AU laptop. Setting up internet access on Ubuntu is easy in itself and setting up GPRS could not have been any easier. The customer had a Nokia 9300 communicator with a USB datacable.

Social bookmarking for your blogspot/blogger blog

Blogger/Blogspot allows its users to edit the complete layout of the blog page through its 'edit template' feature. This gives the blogger full control over the layout of their pages and gives the kind of flexibility that you can get from any custom systems. The default blogger templates do not give links for social bookmarking from the blog pages. In this article we explain how to add social bookmarking links and buttons in your blogspot/blogger blog.