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On a WHM/cpanel VPS server the httpd.conf is automatically generated from cpanel scripts based on templates and you are not supposed to change this file directly. Any changes that you make in the httpd.conf file will be lost when cpanel re-generates the file or when cpanel is updated. This is an inconvenience especially when your application requires you to make virtualhost modifications in the configuration. However cpanel provides an alternative way to edit the httpd.conf file.
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When you untar large tar files even as the root user on your VPS you might run into the error "Cannot change ownership to uid NNN, gid NNN: Disk quota exceeded". This is because the extracted files from the tar archive is being attempted to be created with the original UID and GID as on the system where the tar archive was created. Now if the UID is not already present on the new VPS or if the UID corresponds to a user without a lot of disc quota available the above error will be triggered preventing extraction of the tar.gz archive.