Automation Testing

| 3 min read
When automating web applications using Selenium WebDriver with Java, testers sometimes encounter scenarios that cannot be handled by WebDriver alone. This is where Java's Robot class comes in, offering a means to simulate user interactions at a level that goes beyond WebDriver's capabilities. Here's a look at the benefits of integrating the Robot class into your Selenium tests, along with a sample code snippet.
Selenium Components
| 4 min read
In Selenium WebDriver using Java, multiple methods exist to wait for elements to become present, visible, clickable, or until specific conditions are fulfilled. Using waits is necessary to handle elements to appear before taking actions with automation. You should think about using waits when if you are getting "Element Not Visible Exception"
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| 7 min read
Learn how to use the Playwright tool to automate testing for web applications. Discover the advantages of Playwright, such as its handling of asynchronous events and its built-in features like test generator, inspector, fixtures, screenshots and videos on test failures, retries, and auto-waiting mechanism. Follow along with a step-by-step example on how to test a job listing page on our website and check for job code auto-population in the form.
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| 2 min read
Whenever you play back the recorded test cases in Selenium, the http secured websites will displayed an authentication popup window and it prompt you to enter the http user name and the password and it will not allow to perform any further operations until you provide username and password. Lets checkout the solution.
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| 6 min read
Selenium is a free and open-source automated software testing tool for testing web applications. Selenium is a set of tools that helps testers automate web-based applications more efficiently. The main advantage of selenium is that it will operate across different browsers and operating systems.
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| 1 min read
Selenium IDE is an Automation testing tool that provide Record/Playback tool for testing website. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is implemented as Firefox Add-On and allows recording, editing and debugging test. Usually Screenshot are taken for all type of application testing such as Web based, Product base etc.
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| 3 min read
XPATH stands for XML Path. In web-based application, XPATH is a unique address for each web object. XPath is mainly used to find an element in the web page. XPath helps to get address of the web element such as check box, radio button, link etc. To write XPATH for Dropdown, first of all we need to install Firebug in Mozilla Firefox browser. Firebug allow user to view the code behind the web page.