We love Drupal - It is official now

September 10, 2009 - 07:40

We have been working with Drupal for the last 3 years now and we just love Drupal. Every day we work with it, we get more and more reasons to love it even more. As a token of our respect for this system, we have become official paid members of Drupal association. We can now proudly flaunt the association badges on our site.

There are several reasons why we love Drupal. Some of the non-technical ones are

  • Drupal has a beautiful framework.
  • The community is amazing.
  • It gives us a lot of opportunities to contribute back.
  • You get respected for what you do.

Drupal Association Member Badge

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Drupal is amazing, all my blogs use it way better than Joomla or Wordpress.

In terms of functionality and the power the community offers. For a hardcore technical person drupal is more powerful than Joomla or Wordpress.
However, aesthetically it is behind with Wordpress/Magneto and several others.

Yes you are absolutely right. Drupal gives the hardcore programmer a lot of power and freedom. It is slightly behind Joomla and Wordpress in terms of looks but with more companies entering the fray such aspects are going to be a non issue in the near future. However it must be noted that drupal can be made to look like any design you have, only that there are not too many free themes that already look good.

I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging. I never thought I could have a good read by this time until I found out this site, It’s have been trusted by many individuals and business organization, it’s a open source management system and its codes are easily available for modifying and using.

Drupal is amazing.