Jitsi - Opensource Video Conferencing Tool Platform

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Jitsi is a collection of free and Open Source Multi-Platform VOIP, video conferencing applications for different web platforms. Jitsi comprises the Jitsi Video bridge and Jitsi Meet which lets you have conferences over the internet.

With a lot of video conferencing tools around the place what are the key features that make Jisti different from the top competitors in the industry? Yes, Jitsi is the favorite for people who consider privacy as a concern.

The key features are as below:

1) Unlike other video conferencing technologies, Jitsi Bridge passes everyone's video and audio to all participants rather than mixing this up. This provides better quality and lower latency solutions.

2) You will be able to run your own service in a more scalable and inexpensive manner.

3) Jitsi supports advanced video routing mechanisms such as bandwidth estimations, scalable video coding, etc.

4) Jitsi is compatible with WebRTC, the open standard for web communication.

5) The installation and configuration of Jitsi in a self-hosted environment are easier.

6) The integration part is also an added feature, Jitsi is much easier to integrate with chat environments like Mattermost. For example, You have to follow some detailed configuration steps to integrate Zoom with Mattermost. Considering Jitsi, it is far easier.

Please refer to below links for the different steps on how to install and configure Jitsi as a self-hosted solution and also on the different Jitsi projects.

How to install and configure Jitsi Meet on an Ubuntu server

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