New version of Search404 Released

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We are glad to announce that a new version of Search404 2.0.0 was released on the same day Drupal 9 was released. This version fully supports Drupal 9.

In this release of the module, we’ve chosen to go with the fully semantic versioning model, which means, version 2.0.0 supports Drupal Core 8.8.3 or a higher version. The 8.x-1.0 release will be there for some more time to support older versions. The 2.0.0 release mainly removes the deprecated code and uses the new solution that is supported by Drupal 9.

You can find the full changelog here -

Download it and try it out from

A demo installation is available at for those who want to try it without installing it.

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For those who are New to Search404

Search404 is an alternative to showing the standard “404 Page Not Found”. When a 404 error occurs, this module does a search on the keywords in the URL, e.g, if a user goes to , this module will search for “does not exist” and show the result of the search instead of the 404 pages. This should help retain visitors coming in from old URLs linked from other sites or search indices.


  1. Jump directly to the search result when there is only one result
  2. Jump directly to the first search result even when there are multiple results
  3. Do a "Search" with a custom path instead of a Drupal Search when a 404 occurs
  4. Use a 301 Redirect instead of 302 Redirect
  5. Use OR between keywords when searching
  6. Ignore specific words from the search query
  7. Ignore specific paths
  8. Ignore specific extensions
  9. Custom error message
  10. Custom page title
  11. Custom page text
  12. Redirection URL for empty search results

This module fully supports the default Drupal Search as well as any other search engines used with SearchAPI or any other means with custom search URL functionality. 
We sincerely thank all the community members who contributed to the porting of the module. These are the people who primarily helped the d9 release,

Frederick Henderson
Vimal Joseph
Byron Duvall
Barbara Bombachini
Martin Anderson-Clutz
Sarath Kumar
Mahipal Purohit 



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