Why do companies often fail in finding a good web development team?
BY ajay
4 years ago
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The first step towards choosing a good web development team to build a website is to send the web development company a Request for Proposal ( RFP). An RFP, which is not composed correctly, could result in your association with a web development company that does not match your requirements and preferences.

Here, we would like to point out what goes wrong in most RFPs:

Wrong Estimation of Budget and Time Frame:

RFPs are generally prepared by the non-technical management of an organization. The problem is that the non-technical management has limited knowledge of web development and does not have the sufficient know-how to estimate the budget or time span. Their estimates are usually based on company strategy, which of course makes sense, but insufficient funds and time available for the web development team can leave you with a website that is not up to your organizational standards.

However, this problem can be tackled by a discussion with the potential web development team about the budget and time requirements.

Unnecessary Functionalities:

The team that prepares the RFP quite often does not know what functionalities are actually required. Studies have shown that around eighty percent of the users only use twenty percent of the functionalities. Adding unnecessary functionalities can be a waste of time and money.

Communication Gap:

In most cases, clients wish to have all communications via email alone. This could lead to the project team misinterpreting certain ideas, not grasping the project’s philosophy, and the client having a poor understanding of the entire development process.

Hence, it is advisable to communicate with the vendor via skype or telephone, if they request it. Talking to the project team about the vision and mission of the project could be beneficial for both parties.

Technical Decision Making:

Let the experts decide on the technology to be used in building the website. The web development team develops websites on a daily basis, and they usually know which technology suits the website best. Trust is important when working with a development team. So, rely on the vendors when it comes to technical decisions.

Agile Workflow:

Most companies use the agile workflow method which allows much more flexibility. However, most RFPs emphasize on strict deadlines and budgets which compels the development team to follow the waterfall model.

The development team should follow the agile workflow as changes in business objectives and technology often occurs during project development.

Finding a good web development team can be a difficult task and should be given due consideration.



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