Official Holidays for Zyxware for 2019
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The following is the list of holidays at Zyxware for the year 2019.

January 01 - Tuesday - New Year Day
March 04 - Monday - Sivarathri
April 15 - Monday - Vishu
April 19 - Friday - Good Friday
May 01 - Wednesday - May Day
June 05 - Wednesday - Id-ul-Fitr (Ramzan)
August 12 - Monday - Id-ul-Ad'ha (Bakrid)
August 15 - Thursday - Independence Day
September 11 - Wednesday - Thiruvonam
October 02 - Wednesday - Gandhi Jayanti
October 08 - Tuesday - Vijayadasmi
December 25 - Wednesday - Christmas

In addition to the above 12 holidays, employees can choose any one of the below festival days as holiday.

March 21 - Thursday - Holi
July 31 - Wednesday - Karkkada Vavu



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