How To Send Email Through HubSpot CRM Using SMTP API

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We can send emails through HubSpot CRM using SMTP API. For sending email SMTP, first, we need to create the SMTP tokens.

Generate SMTP API Tokens

An API token provides both a username and password which can then be used to send email through the HubSpot SMTP API. We can create an SMTP token using the API link below.

Example: Use the following code for generating json code,

$post_arr = array(
    'createdBy' => '[email protected]',
    'campaignName' => 'Transactional Email For Test'
  $post_json = json_encode($post_arr);
  $hubspot_api_url = '';
  $response = drupal_http_request($hubspot_api_url, 
   array('Content-Type' => 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'),
   'POST', $post_json);

A sample json response is shown below,

  "userName": "[email protected]",
  "password": "3432fff8eljl1249fjjasdfnv3",
  "portalId": 11111,
  "emailCampaignId": 14862038,
  "createdAt": 1415660606232,
  "deleted": false,
  "createdBy": "[email protected]",
  "appId": 22709,
  "campaignName": "Test Transactional Email"

From there we get the SMTP Hostname, SMTP Port, SMTP User Name,SMTP Password. Now we can send emails through HubSpot CRM using these SMTP values.