[Drupal] How to change the group manager(Organic groups) in Drupal?

By | 25th Feb 2015 | 1 min read

To change the group manager of a group usually we search into option as "change group manager" but we dont find it anywhere. Because there is no option within Organic Groups holding such a decription. So we need to think futher and deeper into the concepts of organic groups. This articles tells you simple method to change the group manager of the group.

In order to use Organic Groups with Drupal 7 we need to determine which Content Type will be a 'Group Type'. Initially we create a content type for Group node and we will assign this content type to "Group type" and save it. Now here comes the solution to change the group manager of the group. The user who creates a new node of this Content Type will be automatically assigned as the Group Manager. This is because, the author of the node is the Group Manager. So we can easily change the group manager without any difficulty. In order to change the Group Manager simply change the Author of the node to the user you want to be the Group Manager.

The solution was simple but all you need to think logically :-)