How to Collect Data on Mobile and Send it to ODK Aggregate Server?

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Open Data Kit (ODK) is an open-source suite, a set of tools that helps to build survey forms. It can be used to collect data through a mobile device and then the data can be sent to a server. We can aggregate the collected data on the server and extract it in a useful format.

We can deploy ODK Aggregate on Google's App Engine or locally on a Tomcat server backed with a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. In the ODK Aggregate interface, we have the option to upload empty forms to conduct the survey. We can conduct surveys using android mobile and thus collect the data. Then the collected data will be sent to the ODK Aggregate and users can see all the results of the survey.

Steps to Achieve this:

  1. We can connect ODK aggregate and mobile using an app ODK Collect. Search Play Store for android mobile. Search and install App ODK collect.
  2. Then configure ODK Collect. For that we should add domain name of the ODK Aggregate installation in ODK collect configuration. Go to ODK Collect -> General settings -> Server settings -> Configure platform settings -> url.
  3. After configuration, we can search for an empty blank form by clicking on 'Fill Bank form' option in ODK Collect.
  4. After collecting data using mobile , send data to ODK Aggregate by clicking the 'Send Finalized Form'.
  5. We can also edit the saved form by clicking 'Edit saved form'.