How to secure your organization from cyber attacks
BY Nisha.Oommen
2 years ago
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According to a recent British government research, two third of large UK businesses are hit by cyber breach or attacks in the last year 1. The British government is urging business to protect themselves against cyber attacks. Cybersecurity measures can be to a large extent handled proactively with a well mapped out strategy that is reviewed continuously.

Top to bottom-level engagement is critical to the success of a firm’s cybersecurity programs, along with a clear chain of accountability. Prevention of cyber attacks is better than damage control. A good cyber security strategy makes sure that all the bases are covered.

Effective training helps to reduce the likelihood of an attack by providing the knowledge to minimize the chances of becoming targets. Cyber security threats can be due to environmental, physical or system level threats.

Environmental Security

Cyber security strategies that mitigate targeted cyber intrusions are:

  • Restricting Administrative Privileges

    Limit those who have the admin rights to configure manage, and monitor computer systems.

  • Whitelisting Applications

    Allowing only approved applications to be installed or run.

  • Application Security Patching

    Enforcing effective practices to deploy new security patches regularly as and when alerted.

  • Operating System Security Patching

    Employing security patches for the operating system.

The strategy begins with the identification of what information the company needs to be protected and where it is located. Backups ensure that an organization can recover quickly by restoring lost or damaged files.

Physical Security

Another important line of defense in cybersecurity is the physical protection of the organization’s IT property. Companies should create an accurate inventory of:

  • Hardware and systems
  • Software platforms and applications
  • Maps of network resources, connections and data flows

System Level Security

  • A good project management cum issue tracking tool should be used for storing access credentials for a project. Access rights are to be controlled by the concerned manager of technology.
  • To access the git repo of a client project, the public key of a developer needs to be added to the git repo.
  • Git access allowing read/write permissions to different users.
  • Linux based systems improve protection against data vulnerability.

To prevent unauthorized access, we at Zyxware also have in place the following.

  • Only employees, management, and special visitors are allowed on the premises with a valid Photo ID.
  • Employees are provided with laptops/desktops and personal devices are not allowed. Network access within the premises is given only to systems with authorized Ids.
  • Routers access area is locked and protected.
  • In development, we follow Drupal security and coding standards to sanitize user data.

Cyber security training and awareness should be made mandatory for all personnel. Even basic precautions like restricting access to computer contents by locking the screen when away from desk adds.

Thus in essence, for an effective enterprise-wide cyber security a sound security strategy should be developed and implemented. Zyxware Technologies knows the importance of being proactive against cyber attacks. We have set in place cyber security protocols to ensure transparency in dealing with client information. To know more about how we can help you build web applications while ensuring security of the site, do get in touch with us!





on 15th June 2012 / by deepa.n
Password-protecting drupal development site with .htaccess file There might be few scenarios when we need to protect our site from the general public and make it accessible to a selected group of users. One of the most common scenarios in the development workflow of a Drupal site is when you want to avoid your half-complete drupal site showing up in Google search results.For such needs, it is advisable to go for password-protecting the site using HTTP authentication. If you have cPanel installed on your hosting server, you can use the ‘Password Protect Directories’ option from the ‘Security’ section on the cPanel home page. Click here to read on How to enable HTTP Authentication using cPanel (link to an article for the same on our site) For those without cPanel, here’s how to get Apache work your way: Apache Server Administration Drupal Security Web Security Access Control Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * website (not verified) access_time 20 Aug 2019 - 15:35 Hey this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I'm starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated! Add new comment

on 29th June 2012 / by Anoop John
Apache allows you to protect contents of specific directories in your website or the whole website from unauthorized access using a mechanism called httpd password protection. During development of new sites the partially built sites are protected from unauthorized access using httpd authentication. This could sometimes interfere with testing of integration with third party services that might expect some of your URLs to be accessible without authentication. Here is how you can exclude a given file or directory from httpd authentication Apache Server Administration Drupal Security Web Security Access Control Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Muddy Mind (not verified) access_time 20 Aug 2019 - 15:35 Nice work this helps me a lot to some basic changes in my blog :) Add new comment

on 04th July 2013 / by sandeep.sasikumar
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