BPMN Event Symbols

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The term 'Events' represents the events in a business process.

Specific details in a process can be represented by styling each event.

There are three event type in business process, they are start events, intermediate events, and end events.

Following are the event symbols contained with start event, which can be combined with any event type.

Some commonly used event symbols are following

  • BPMN Message Symbol


    Message - a message triggers the processes, facilitates the intermediate processes, or finishes the processes.



    BPMN Timer Symbol


    Timer - a time, date (or) recurring time and date triggers a process, aids all intermediate processes, or completes the processes.

  • BPMN Escalation Symbol


    Escalation - a step that reacts on an escalation, and flows to another role in the organization. This event is used only in an event sub-process. An escalation occurs when a person with a higher level of responsibility in the organization becomes involved in a process.

  • BPMN Conditional Symbol


    Conditional - a process begins/continues when a business condition/business rule is met.



    BPMN Link Symbol


    Link - a sub-process which is a part of larger process.

  • BPMN Error Symbol


    Error - a caught error at the start, end, or middle of the process. An event sub-process with an error triggered, will always interrupt its containing processes.

  • BPMN Cancel Symbol


    Cancel - reacts on a transaction, that was canceled within a sub-process. In an end event, it represents the triggered cancellation of a process.

  • BPMN Compensation Symbol


    Compensation - a refund that triggers when the operations were partially failed.

  • BPMN Signal Symbol


    Signal - a signal that used to communicate across different processes. A signal symbol can begin the process, facilitate it, (or) complete it.

  • BPMN Multiple Symbol


    Multiple - multiple triggers initiating the same process.

  • BPMN Parallel Multiple Symbol


    Parallel multiple - a process instance that doesn’t start, end, or continue until all possible events were occurring.

  • BPMN Terminate Symbol


    Terminate - triggers the immediate termination of the process step. All related instances will be terminated at the same time.

Hope this helps!