Things you need to include in your wedding website

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Your wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions in your life, and one of the most important things to do when you get engaged is build a wedding website. Obviously, it is the best and easiest way to share relevant information regarding the event with your guests.

If you are wondering what to include in a wedding website, here are a few tips:

Welcome & Thank You Section: First of all, your guests or website visitors should be welcomed and thanked for sparing their valuable time to visit your website. Say something sweet and endearing but keep it brief. You can add a few images too to make it visually appealing.

Give your guests a peep into your love story: Without doubt, everyone wants to hear more about your sizzling love story. So, spice up your website with the sections – How we met, The Proposal, About the Bride, and About the Groom - either as separate pages or a combination of lesser pages. Do not forget to add a few stunning pictures.

Information about the event: This section in your wedding website is mainly intended to provide information for the invited guests and should include details such as location of the wedding ceremony and the reception (Venue, Address of Venue, Date, Time, Direction).

Include RSVP Information: You might have mailed out invitations with RSVP cards or sent out online invitations. An RSVP section should be included in the website as it acts as a reminder in case a person has misplaced his RSVP card or unknowingly deleted the online invite.

Include a brief profile of the people in your wedding party: Always include a brief and simple bio of the people you have planned to include in your wedding party. This should include details such as name of the person, occupation, how and when you met, and the role he/she has to play at the wedding.

Information about the accommodation: This section in your wedding website must contain details regarding the various hotels in the city where the wedding is being conducted. This should include Name of the Hotel, Address of the Hotel, Contact Information, and the Distance from the Venue(s).

Guest Book: This is yet another fun & exciting section for your visitors. This is the place where they can drop off their congratulatory messages to the couple.

Gift Registry Details: This section should comprise gift registry details, such as where you are registered and the information required to access your registry. Include the name on the Registry, The store of the Registry, and The Registry number.

Music: Pep up your wedding website with a bit of music! However, do remember that sometimes background music can distract visitors from focusing on the information in your website. So, always maintain an option that allows the visitor to pause the music if required.

Gallery: Incorporate a lot of photos along with suitable captions or descriptions. This section can include your baby pictures, high school & college pictures, engagement pictures, and much, much more!

Your website represents your highly personalized wedding celebration. So, chose your photos, carefully, add some fun widgets and set the right tone of voice – they will surely sweep the visitors off their feet!