Types of Modems(CPE's) provided by BSNL and Customer End Requirements

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BSNL is the largest broadband provider in India and probably the most preferred as well by the customers because of its reliable network and excellent customer service at Indian costs. Now let us take a look at the different kinds of Modem provided by BSNL. BSNL basically provides four types of Modems(CPEs). The following post will give you the details regarding the available modems in BSNL and also the customer end requirements for these modems.

Type of CPEs ( Modems) supplied by BSNL
   1. Type 1: One Ethernet port + one USB port ( Models: Huawei MT800, Huawei
      MT880, Huawei MT882, DareGlobal DB108). MT800 and DB108 do not have
      USB ports.
   2. Type 2: One Ethernet port + One USB port + Wi-Fi (Models: Huawei
   3. Type 3: Four Ethernet ports + One USB port. (Models: Huawei MT841)
   4. Type 4: Four Ethernet ports + One USB port + Wi-Fi ( Models: Huawei MT841
      with wi-fi module)

Customer End requirements:
   1. BSNL Landline.
   2. Computer with -
                  i. Operating system: Linux/win2000/winNT/Win 98/WinXP or
                     higher. For exploiting speed of Dataone to maximum, WIN XP
                     will be better.
                 ii. Memory: Can work with minimum memory but 64MB or above
                     will give better experience.
                iii. One Ethernet port or USB port.