Standardized Curriculum for Drupal Developers - Phase 1 - Completed Publishing Content

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We are happy to inform that, we have completed the the first phase of the project on creating a standardized Drupal curriculum for Drupal companies as planned. We have compiled and published our Drupal training curriculum on the wiki under the Curriculum and Training group. We are now looking to get feedback from other Drupal companies and Drupal developers on the curriculum and the training materials. We also would like to invite developers from the community to contribute towards making this curriculum better.
The curriculum is available under the Curriculum and Training group. Drupal groups wiki is kind of difficult to navigate on its own. We have created a table of contents for all the contents published under this project. You can access the table of contents at

We had originally announced that we will be publishing the content under GFDL but as per recommendations from Donna Benjamin and Dave Hall we are publishing this under CC-by-SA

In the course of compiling and publishing the content we have realized that there is quite a lot that the trainers teach the developers from their experience and not necessarily directly from the training content. So there is still a lot of work to be done on the curriculum but we belie ve that the published curriculum is a good beginning.

We believe learning Drupal is not a one time process and it requires continuous effort from the developer. The curriculum has been designed to help a PHP developer become a competent Drupal developer well versed in the different areas in Drupal and different aspects of Drupal development over a period of one year. There is a bit of effort required to build a comprehensive question bank to evaluate the progress of developers in this journey and we are hoping that we will be able to get some inputs from the community on this.

We are now looking to publish and make available all of this content under a Moodle instance with public access so that developers or other Drupal companies can evaluate the content under a proper course perspective and contribute towards improving this.

We would like to thank all those in the community who have contributed towards the effort so far and would like to invite more people to come join this initiative.