Excitement in the air: What's hot in Drupal 8?

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The web development world is buzzing with the news of the launch of Drupal 8, the world’s most loved CMS. With an amazing array of more than 200 new features and improvements, the upcoming release of Drupal 8 is sure to win hearts. Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal slated for release this month, is touted to be a boon for API writer and application builders and of course, all those looking for a smoother mobile interface.

With everyone keen to view this latest avatar of the Drupal CMS, let us delve a bit deeper to see what makes Drupal 8 really special:

Multi-language websites are easier to build: Web developers are in for a major respite since Drupal 8 makes multi-lingual interface quick and fast, thus allowing quick improvements in site translations, easy customization, and provision of language maintenance alternatives for users and developers. Drupal 8 will speak the language you want it to, providing a stronger web presence for the global audience.

Drupal 8 tops in accessibility: Drupal 8 offers centralized controls for Internet applications, and this makes it one of the most accessible CMS ever in this genre. HTML editing also gets a lot easier with the introduction of CKEditor and gives a lot of power to the development team.

HTML 5 takes centre stage: The versatile HTML 5 allows Drupal web sites to easily align with mobiles and tablets, with minimum changes to the website. Mobile devices and tablets have spawned across the digital world, and this is bound to give a better user experience, either on the hand-held devices or the desktop.

Content Management made smart: Drupal developers can now make administrative changes to the site from their smart phone or tablet. This new-found flexibility is sure to give a better user experience to the site visitors. Mobile phones and tablets have inundated the world and it comes as no surprise that Drupal 8 is geared up to meet this change in its latest version.

Twig to Drupal’s rescue: The insertion of PHP codes directly into its templates is disallowed due to the seamless integration of PHP’s much-loved template, Twig. As Twig is renowned for its flexibility and speed, security has gone up a few notches higher in Drupal 8. Another advantage Twig brings along with it is its capacity to show better logic and display segregation, thus enhancing Drupal 8’s efficiency.

Content Authoring has been revamped: Editors shall now be able to make changes and edit on the front-end of the site without ever having to access its back end for this purpose, thus making Drupal 8 much more responsive than its predecessors.

Page loads will be much quicker: With its transition to the Symfony framework, Drupal 8 has limited the loading of modules on a page to only the required ones, ensuring that visitors to your site will experience faster loads. In addition, there is a probability for decrease in the amount of run-time memory allowing a smoother performance.

We, at Zyxware, are geared up to receive the latest version of Drupal with open arms. Our focus to provide the best to our clients is bound to be strengthened with Drupal 8. If you are keen to ensure a seamless change from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, we are here to help you. Call us today and keep yourself abreast with the latest in Drupal development.