Drupal 8: Revolutionizing the world of Digital Marketing

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Drupal has been the core of our business at Zyxware for over 9 long years now. Everyday, this brilliant CMS continues to surprise us with its never-ending choices of vibrant themes, multi-functional modules and tools. We have built thousands of Drupal websites for numerous clients across the globe.

Drupal has charmed developers and digital marketers equally with its fast performance, flexibility and security. Drupal 8, the newest version of Drupal, is a great boon for digital marketers.

And here are the reasons why Drupal 8 is the preferred choice of digital marketers:

Drupal 8 makes use of HTML 5: HTML 5 offers cleaner codes for managing dates, video, email, audio and many other features on website and mobile. With this enhanced feature, it is possible for digital marketers to enhance their reachability and ensure better interaction with users.

Mobile-first design: Drupal 8 has a mobile-first design. All the built-in themes stacked in Drupal 8 are responsive, and the additional admin theme adjusts to various screen sizes. It also has a ‘Back To Site’ option so that users can return to their last page. The admin toolbar also functions perfectly on all screen sizes.

Multilingual features: Drupal 8 offers an extensive range of multilingual features for your website. The admin interface includes an en suite translation.

Enables better content management: Drupal 8 provides extraordinary control for the Content Editor, with the WYSIWYG editor CKEditor built into its core. With Drupal 8, editors or content managers can edit the content in any page without having to turn to full edit. You can create drafts easily and ensure better security for your content.

Increased speed in loading pages: Digital marketers want immediate loading of web pages and content. This is a must to ensure better interaction with users and to offer them an enhanced web experience. Drupal 8 has increased the page load speed by integrating Symfony into its core, thus enabling the streamlining of custom Drupal core code.

Better theming options: To attract and engage audience, digital marketers have to present new campaigns and offers constantly. The digital experience has to be kept fresh and updated frequently. Making new layouts can be time-consuming. However, Drupal 8 has incorporated a new theming engine, called Twig, which makes creating layouts and themes extremely easy. It also allows you to assemble layouts effortlessly.

To wrap it up, Drupal 8 gives digital marketers all the requisite features to create an outstanding and personalized web experience for their customers. If you wish to know more about our Drupal development services and the digital marketing options in Drupal 8, We, at Zyxware, are at your service. Get in touch with us and we will help you attain your digital marketing goals.


8 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Are Going Gaga over Drupal 8