[Drupal] Top 10 themes for Drupal 6

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Drupal 6 featured a number of themes that are still largely popular even after the Drupal community and the rest of its entourage has started shifting its attention to version 7. We have listed out the Top 10 themes for Drupal 6 that were the theme of choice for most D6 sites and they stand a good chance to be updated to Drupal 7. Also checkout our list of Top 5 Free Business themes for Drupal and Top 5 Ecommerce themes for Drupal. If you need to develop your own custom Drupal theme, feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation.


Marinelli Drupal 6 Theme

Marinelli features a wide image banner and a top-tabbed primary links system. The theme has a 3 column tableless layout and comes with a built in rotating banner system based on Jquery cycle.

Download Marinelli




Danland Drupal 6 Theme

This Drupal 6 theme has a tableless multiple column layouts and 17 collapsible block regions. It features a prominent, wide image banner, that can be customized. It also features a custom front page and superfish menus. Danland is build to power all types of websites from corporate websites to personal blogs and comes with a sub theme-danblog for personal blogs.

Download Danland | View Danland Theme Demo

Acquia Marina

Acquia Marina Drupal 6 theme

Acquia Marina has been derived from the Fusion base theme and hence has all the strong points of Fusion. The theme has selectable icons, configurable sidebars, typography settings and a point and click layout. Acquia Marina also features a Bidirectional RTL theming system.

Download Acquia Marina | View Acquia Marina Theme Demo

Zero Point

Zero Point Drupal 6 theme

Zero Point is an advanced theme with an adaptive layout that can fit a wide range of sites. It gives the option for seven different color styles and is notable for using the Jello Mold Piefecta Layout. It supports 1, 2 or 3 column layouts and has 17 + 1 collapsible block regions.

Download Zero Point | View Zero Point Theme Demo




Amadou Drupal 6 theme

Amadou, with both its sidebars featured to the right and is a 3 column theme that is perfectly suited for Drupal 6 based personal blogs which need to be minimalistic and to the point.

Download Amadou


Blogbuzz Drupal 6 theme

Blogbuzz comes with a 2 level drop down navigation menu and features a dynamic slideshow block which can be themed individually. It contains 12 block regions and is 100% CSS driven.

Download Blogbuzz


Deco Drupal 6 theme

Deco is a popular Drupal theme that comes with a variety of layout options packed in a stylish design. It was designed and developed for the Google Summer of Code 2007.

Download Deco | View Deco Theme Demo


Magazeen Drupal 6 theme

Magazeen is a 2 column fixed width theme that was originally ported from Wordpress to Drupal 6 and comes with a stylish color scheme.

Download Magazeen


Beach Drupal 6 theme

Beach is another beautiful Drupal 6 theme for personal blogs featuring a tableless design and multiple sidebar options. Beach also comes with flexible footer block regions and 6 levels of page width.

Download Beach

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Drupal 6 theme

Four Seasons is our final contender in our list of Top 10 Drupal themes for Drupal 6 and comes with a 3 column layout and has a fixed width design. Four Seasons features a prominent primary and secondary navigation menu with cleanly styled menu trees.

Download Four Seasons | View Four Seasons Theme Demo