Built for a global audience: Drupal 8 goes multilingual

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Over the past few days, the web world has been going gaga over the impending release of Drupal 8. With it's fascinating array of features and improvements, the latest version of Drupal has literally taken the world by storm.

Needless to say, Drupal 8 - which essentially focuses on presentation of content and user-friendliness, better ways to build APIs, creation of data structures, multilingual capabilities and advancements in mobile presentation - will be an amazing option for building global-ready websites, web applications, and mobile-first websites.

One world, many languages: Publish content like never before!

Today, most of the international websites publish content in different languages. However, till now, implementing multilingual websites with Drupal was a herculean task. With Drupal 8, things are sure to take a new turn - Drupal 8 integrates an array of features that make it absolutely easy to deploy multilingual sites. In short, Drupal 8 is global-ready i.e. it is extremely user-friendly on a global scale. In addition, Drupal 8 enables the translation of site's content with built-in user interfaces. So, if you are a marketer working for a company with customers across the globe, this is no doubt a significant step; one that can save your business a good amount of money and offers you far greater control over content.

What's in store for you?

Drupal 8’s multilingual capabilities would be comfortable for both international site visitors and D8 site builders. Drupal 8’s Configuration Translation facilitates the translation of major elements such as toolbars, blocks, menus, etc. Let's delve into the major features that make Drupal 8 global-ready:

  • The Content Translation module efficiently addresses the content or copy in your website, like articles etc.
  • The Interface Translation module allows the translation of the other page elements such as form labels.
  • The Language module enables you to define the languages that the website supports.

Built-in user interfaces enable translation: Complex multilingual capabilities is what makes the release of Drupal 8 truly special. When compared to Drupal 7, Drupal 8 brings a host of features such as language support, regional settings, and usability attention for interface translation into the core. Moreover, Drupal 8 has significantly improved browser-based language detection abilities i.e. it has the capability to identify your favourite language and present it to users. You can install more than 94 languages, and allocate the preferred language to configurations and content.

Efficient transliteration: Drupal 8 enables effective transliteration, a significant advancement when compared to other CMS solutions. Drupal 8 facilitates transliteration of key language assignments and romanization of complex scripts and types such as Czech, Marathi etc.

At Zyxware, we are keenly anticipating the release of the latest, power-packed version of Drupal. If you are planning a seamless migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, we are here to assist you. Backed by a skilled and experienced pool of Drupal developers, we would help you attain your business objectives in the best and most efficient manner. Call us to know more about our Drupal development services.


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