Drupal does wonders: Revolutionizing the global media industry

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The massive strides in digital communication technologies has transformed the Internet into a virtual hub for different consumers to enjoy quality entertainment with a simple swipe and tap of the finger. Thanks to its tremendous growth, the entertainment and media sector has also forayed into the networking space, to enhance its utility through the Internet.

Though the Internet provides considerable scope for reaching out to potential audience, there are a lot of challenges that the media and entertainment sectors face. However, Drupal helps to tackle them quite effectively. Let's see how:

Managing Content: A media website’s biggest challenge is the management of massive volumes of data. Media companies typically have more than one publication, each serving its niche audience.

Using an open and flexible content management system like Drupal can help you manage enormous amount of data systematically and efficiently.

Cutting through clutter and engaging users: The Internet is cluttered with too much information from too many competitors, and this has considerably reduced the attention span of readers. Therefore, it has become quite a challenge to keep users engaged as they just keep skipping from one site to the other rather swiftly.

Drupal has a built-in customization module to save personalized user preferences which allows media companies to understand the content preferences of various users. This can be leveraged to offer customers personalized and no-nonsense content along with an awesome customer experience.

Generating ROI: Making revenue is the topmost priority of every business and media is no different. Managing a media or entertainment website is a costly matter.

As Drupal is free and open source, there is a high return on investment for a Drupal website. Drupal offers wide range of monetization modules (such as advertising, promotion modules and intuitive interaction procedures such as adding subscriptions and one-time purchases), which enables revenue generation.

Security: A website shutdown due to a malicious attack can prove really disastrous for media companies. Since media and entertainment portals have enormous data and involve a lot of interaction with customers, it is very crucial for them to constantly ensure greater security for the website.

However, security issues do go unnoticed and unresolved by Drupal’s security team consisting of more than 40 experts. Moreover, this makes it significantly secure than any of the other CMS’s.

Hence, catering to users with better interaction and experience is the required feature for a successful media and entertainment website. The media industry needs to make smarter use of various delivery channels for better reach, and Drupal offers numerous ways to identify and adopt various channels and strategies in order to expand the readership as well as viewership.

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