An Enhanced Experience with Acquia Lift

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Digital is said to be the ‘most measurable medium ever. In digital marketing, by understanding the target audience and their interests, consumers can be segmented and targeted. Acquia Lift introduced by Acquia is a SaaS solution that increases engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction. Acquia describes Lift as," an optimization platform that enables marketing teams to transform the digital experiences offered to customers into personalization engines for conversion and revenue generation". Auto personalizing even on a one-on-one basis with users can be done using Acquia Lift. Acquia Lift makes use of unique machine learning algorithms that understand user behavior, thereby boosting Drupal-based sites' ability to create a more satisfying and fulfilling UX for site visitors, with increased probability of conversion. Acquia Lift leverages the analytic reports by:

  1. Customization to individual /micro level while delivering large scale.
  2. Real time implementation of contextual content correlated to data obtained from profiles, sources and devices.
  3. Increase brand loyalty and customer retention by delivering different experience across different contexts for the same customers.

Acquia Lift enables data-driven marketing from a macro to a micro level. It is not as expensive as traditional marketing and is more effective due to its larger-scale impact.

  1. Benefits of using Acquia Lift
  2. Adaptively segmenting customers in real time to deliver customized experiences.
  3. Provide relevant content to increase clicks, signups and downloads.
  4. Deliver personalized offers that increase purchase rates and values.
  5. Deliver differentiated experiences to existing customers to increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Acquia Lift enriches customer’s experience during every visit by enabling marketers testing, targeting, and analytic results to siphon out relevant content for the user that matches his or her interests.

Acquia Lift Capabilities

Analyzing: With customer preferences gathered from the targeting and testing, user content can be customized to increase conversion and ultimately the bottom line.

Testing and targeting: A variety of testing and targeting options are included within the site owner’s disposal that are native to the Drupal interface. These options enable the site owner to do both simple A/B and more complex multivariate testing and report back the results.

Embedded: Acquia Lift content variations are not in an external repository but are embedded right in the workflow.

Adaptive: The Acquia Lift algorithm learns and improves results, over time especially where significant data is not previously available.

Measurable: Developers can define custom conversion goals for their sites using Acquia Lift. Drupal specific personalization tool can be easily implemented to automate the delivery of relevant experience. Marketing teams can create and track conversion goals and gain real time, granular insight into website conversion performance against KPIs.

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