How to make your Drupal site rank better?

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The World Wide Web is getting cluttered with numerous brands and products. In this scenario, how will you get search engines to favour your Drupal website? Search engines are obsessed with quality content and so your “content” is ultimately going to decide how well your website gets ranked in search engine results. Drupal is the best and most efficient platform for you to easily create and manage your content.

Below are the four steps that will make your Drupal site rank better:

Create readable URLs: Simple, easy-to-remember, readable URLs are favoured both by people and the search engines as it enhances their ability to recognize the relevance of the content. Using specific keywords in URLs gives an idea about the content of your page, which results in higher click rates by users in search engine results.

Drupal’s Path Auto module automatically creates URL aliases for different content without manual intervention.

Know your keywords: Identifying and using the right keywords and related keywords is essential for better ranking. Drupal’s Keyword Research module helps you to select the best keyword phrases for your content from your website. You can also make use of Google’s Keyword planner or Word tracker to find highly popular keywords.

Make use of top 6 Drupal SEO Modules: Drupal has a number of modules that you can make use of for better search engine visibility. Here is a list of top 6 SEO modules in Drupal.

Global Redirect: It fixes all the common URL problems.

Metatag: Enables full control of meta tags on your site, nodes, categories, views, etc.

Path Auto: Creates clean URL for your website.

SEO Checklist: This module allows you to keep a checklist with which you can monitor all the SEO measures and arrangements you have taken and also know what you need to do to further improve your site SEO.

XML Sitemap: Generates search-engine friendly, readable, dynamic sitemap that is compliant.

Search 404: The Search 404 module replaces standard ‘404 page not found’ error pages with a search results page based on the keywords in the URL.

Create external links to reputed sites: Links play a major role in getting search engines notice your website. When you create links to other related domains, it helps the search engine understand your niche and also reinforces the credibility of your site. By following these on-page optimization tactics, your site will be able to achieve greater visibility in search results.

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