Mistakes that you need to avoid in branding

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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small bakery shop in a hill station, you are a brand. When Indian Coffee House came into being way back in 1936, the term branding was not there. Nevertheless, the concept of branding was there. By the end of 1940, there were 50 odd outlets of Indian Coffee House all over the country. All the outlets were uniformly done up, starting from the décor to the clothes that the waiters wore to the crockery used and last but not the least the aroma of the steamy cuppa coffee. This is what the essence of branding is.

Branding is crucial to the success of your business. Any discrepancy or gap in the entire process breaks the entire equilibrium which goes against the brand. Hence, a business owner should take care that the branding activity is flawless. Only then will it help you to connect with your target customers.

So what are the branding mistakes that need to be avoided?

There is nothing as bad as a wrong brand name:

‘What’s in a name’ might be a popular proverb. However, a business owner should never take the brand name so lightly. In fact, finalizing the brand name is the very first step towards your branding activity. A great product with a wrong brand name will never be able to appeal to the customers. It is the name of your brand that drives your customer towards your product. The name should be such that it speaks about the product and creates a connection with the customer.

Once you have decided the brand name, it is going to stay as long as you don’t go in for a rebranding.You can name your product after your own name or your family name. However, you have to keep in mind that if you ever have to sell your business, it would have to be rebranded again.

You could name your brand depending upon your target customer or your product/ service. But in that case, you have to keep in mind the possible diversification and expansion of your business.

Always refer to your mission and vision statement. Your mission and vision statements are vital elements of your brand building activity. Try to adhere to it as much as possible. This will help you to stay focused without any unnecessary distraction or deviation.

Logo and the Tag Line:

After the brand name, the other two vital elements are the logo and the tag line. Misleading logo and tag lines are devastating branding mistakes that anyone can ever make. These are essential visual elements that help to communicate your brand statement with the customers. It has to be absolutely to the point. Only then will it be able to connect with the gentry you are trying to cater to.

Your Product or Service:

Last but not the least, the product or service you are selling is the cherry on the pie. You have to absolutely make sure that you are able to keep your promise through the product/ service you are offering to your customer. There should not be any shortcomings or discrepancies in this case. The most important lesson we learn from established brands in the world is that they are able to keep the word. Being true to commitments is a sure shot way to success. Remember that customer dissatisfaction will ruin your brand image completely.

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