Content creation just gets easy with Drupal 8!

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Drupal 8 is bringing in numerous enhancements and features which will support editors in creating content on a day-to-day basis. The newest version of Drupal is set to bring a sea change in the entire experience of Content Authoring.

The creation and alteration/editing of content needs to be an effortless and seamless function, and Drupal 8 has managed to bring a significant transformation that would affect the way authors work on their tasks, day in, day out. With the advent of Drupal 8, spending a lot of time on editing, after a website is built, will become a thing of the past.

The following improvements are being effected for Content Authoring in Drupal 8:

Preview of changes made: Making mistakes is human, and while Drupal has always enabled altering these mistakes and correcting content, Drupal 8 has gone one step ahead by giving authors an actual preview of the changes as they would appear on the website itself. Earlier, a preview was available but with a standard template that was different from the website the author/editor was working on.

Rich Text: CKEditor is set to become an integral part of Drupal 8 as this free HTML text editor will help content editors extensively in website content creation and also improve productivity to a large extent. CKEditor has a graded browser support, is compliant with industry standards, and is user-friendly for editors with a non-web development background. Formal HTML knowledge is not necessary.

Content editing on the front-end: An editor, while checking his work on a website, regularly comes across textual errors. Previously this meant getting on to the CMS, search for the error and making the necessary changes. This would inevitably result in procrastination and sometimes even forgetting to rectify the errors. Drupal 8 has simplified this process by allowing editing on the front-end itself so that editors can make the amendments in an instant without delaying it further.

Quick Image addition: Drupal 8 allows the author to edit the titles of photos or images that has been added to the text and also allows inserting inline images, which turns out to be a major time-saver. Easy image addition has been seamlessly integrated into Drupal 8 and features like new Widgets have also been added.

The above mentioned features and changes applied in Drupal 8 help the editor to:

  • Create and edit content in a jiffy
  • Helps save your time
  • The work can delegated to Non-technical support staff
  • A higher level of User/editor experience

We at Zyxware, know that you would be keen to make the switch to Drupal 8 and embrace these wonderful changes at the earliest.

Call us today to know more about our Drupal development services and we shall ensure that you make this transition in a hassle-free way!


Drupal 8 Preview: Content Authoring Improvements