Releasing the Drupal 7 version of uc_echecknet module

By | 12th Mar 2012 | 1 min read

The UC eCheck.Net module is a Drupal module that implements eCheck payments using Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net service. In order to use this module, you must have an Authorize.Net account with eCheck.Net enabled. This module defines a new payment method that collects bank account information on the checkout form and processes payment upon review order form submission.

Until now, the UC eCheck,Net module was available for Drupal 6. We have managed to update the module to work with Drupal 7 after resolving most of the issues associated with upgrading a module.


The attached uc_echecknet module adds support for the payment method of for ubercart. Before using the payment method, please check with as to whether the payment method is enabled for your account. When you select the eCheck payment method on cart/checkout page, a form to enter the bank details will be displayed. See the image for details.



Download uc_echeck.Net Drupal module

We have managed to sort out the issues during upgradation to come up with a solid working Drupal 7 module. However in the event that you do find any bugs please feel free to report them to us to help us improve the code.