Hire Dedicated Drupal Developers: Key Tips for Building Your Website Team

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The Internet has rapidly revolutionized the way websites are designed and developed. From its conception in 2001, Drupal has become the Content Management System (CMS) of choice for enterprise-level websites and web applications.

Drupal can be compared to building blocks. For e.g. it might not be so hard to build a house but to build a custom built house fully loaded with the latest gadgets, it is best to meet an architect. In the same manner, to get the full potential of Drupal for your Drupal website, it is advantageous to hire a dedicated Drupal website developer!

Some of the key tips to getting the right Drupal developers are:

Experience in the Drupal industry

There is a learning curve to Drupal. So, having a developer experienced in Drupal really counts. Especially if you have a short project deadline, there is lesser time for trial and error.



Website and Portfolio

Check out the Drupal developer’s website and portfolio. It is a clear indicator of what they do and the kind of websites they have built.

Hire a Dedicated Drupal developer who knows how your industry works and its users

A Drupal developer who is knowledgeable about the client base of your industry and its various workings is a definite plus, though not a deal-breaker.

Contributor to the Drupal Community

A Drupal developer who has contributed back to the Drupal community will be better able to evaluate whether your objectives match any of the thousands of contributed modules and themes and work towards a solution that best suits your requirements.

Other things to keep in mind are:

Scope of the project

To get a Drupal website built, analyse what exactly is it that you want in your website? Is it intended to be a forum, a search engine, an e-commerce site, a website for your organization or do you want a combination of some or all of these on your site .Set out some well-defined objective for the Drupal developers to work on. Your requirements should include a list of features and functionality that you want on your website.

Support and Maintenance

Drupal websites are easy to install and manage. But make sure you talk with your Drupal developer about support and maintenance for your Drupal website. It is good to have a dedicated resource for real-time communication and problem-solving.

Of course, time and budget will play a crucial role in the scalability of the Drupal project.

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