Tips to improve your writing skills

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If you are planning to set up a content marketing team, then you should hire people who have excellent writing skills. The potential candidate should be a good communicator and must be able to speak and write in a manner that engages people and keeps them informed. Nurturing your writing skills could be really beneficial for your career.Writing need not be an intimidating process and anyone can develop their writing skills if he/she has the discipline and a strong determination to learn.

Here are some of the ways in which you can improve your writing skills:

Get an understanding of the fundamental principles of writing: First of all, get a clear understanding of the basic principles of writing i.e. the basics of grammar and spelling. Every writer should possess a copy of “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White as it is an extensive resource on the correct usage of grammar and various other helpful topics. If you need easy and quick online resources, you can use Merriam Webster, Grammar Girl, Grammarly etc.

Practice writing: If you want to improve your skills, the best thing to do is practice. Write on a routine basis and this will not only help you get rid of your fear of the blank page but would also help you develop a distinct style. So, keep writing.

Read a lot: Often, the most talented writers are also keen readers, and regular reading basis is one of the easiest ways to develop your writing skills. So, read different kinds of books and improve your reading habit. Broaden your horizons by reading more challenging stuff than you generally read, and pay more attention to structure and flow of sentences and selection of words.

Find a good writing partner: Get honest feedback on your work from your friends or coworkers.

Join a writing workshop: Joining a writing workshop can be extremely beneficial – and of course a lot of fun too. Content marketing groups are becoming immensely popular these days. You can join any of the content marketing groups on LinkedIn to interact with like-minded writers, or find out the best writing workshops closer to you on sites such as Meetup. Choose a specific topic, prepare a brief writeup, get feedback from the group, and then modify or edit it as required. Repeat the process.

Examine and find out more about the writing that you admire: Read some of the recent blog posts that you really like and take printouts.Using a red pen, highlight the things you found interesting: certain sentence structures, phrases or even paragraphs. Try to find our why you like these components and if there are any familiar threads in your preferred reading material. Examine how writers choose one topic and smoothly transition into another. Apply these methods to your own work.

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