[Drupal] How to export a database using phpMyAdmin?

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There are certain cases were we need a copy of our database. In this case we need to export the database in the sql format. This is a simple process and can done in few steps. Certain cases we need full database for example if we need a backup copy of database we need to export the full database and in cases we need to export only certain table from the database. Both are possible. Both the exporting steps are given below

Login into your phpMyAdmin with your username and password

Click on the database you want to export from the list of all database available.

The steps can be used to export few tables

  • Click the Export tab.
  • In the Export field, select the tables you would like to export from the left side of the View Dump pane.Select multiple tables, using the CTRL-key.
  • In the SQL options pane, select your options. Click the Save as file checkbox and name the file.
  • Click the Go button, when you are satisfied with your options. You are prompted to download the file.

The steps can be used to export full database

  • Click the Export tab.
  • Then there are two select options. One for Export Method and one for the Format
  • Select the ' Quick - display only the minimal options' in the Export Method
  • Selcet the 'Sql' in the Format select list
  • click the Go button. You are prompted to download the file.

The above two methods will helps to export the database as per the requirements.