[Drupal] How to create custom feature in Drupal 7

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A feature is a set of Drupal entities, taken together to satisfy a certain use-case. A Drupal Module 'features' is used to create custom features. Let us check how to create a custom feature.

Features Module : what?

See here for the documentation on features module and download.

Steps to install the features module


  • Download and extract the features module
  • put the module inside the project_folder->sites->all->modules->
  • click on the modules menu in the main menu and coming to the bottom, put the tick and enable the module

Steps to create a custom feature


  • Click on the structure tab.
  • Click on the features tab.
  • Click on the create feature tab
  • Give a name to your feature and the version, also select the functionalities and concerns for the feature by ticking each and after finishing,
    click the download feature. A gz/zip file would download.
  • You can apply this new feature in any new site just like module enabling.

That is it!!