[SOLVED][Drupal Commerce] Price field disappears when adding product in another language

| | 1 min read

A few Drupal users having a multilingual Drupal website had noticed that the Price field disappears when adding a product in another language in a Drupal site running Drupal Commerce. If you are facing the same issue with Drupal Commerce in your Drupal site then read on to know the solution.

Drupal users who had investigated the issue found that it lay with the language settings in the MySQL database related to the Drupal Commerce module. Here is the most widely reported solution.

  • The fix is to run the following queries on the price field database tables and the related ones
    update commerce_product set language='und' where language!='und';
  • Also run a query of the same type for the field:
    update field_data_field_blabla set language='und' where language='nl';

Hope that helps.

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