What are the best practices for creating a high-converting landing page?

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A landing page, also known as a destination page, is the web page that a user arrives at after clicking on a hyperlink or entering a URL directly into a browser. Every webpage that is indexed by a search engine is regarded as a potential landing page. The major purpose of a landing page is to convert leads to customers.

The layout and objective of a landing page depends wholly on your business, your marketing campaign and the target audience.

Design best practices for creating a high-converting landing page

  • Highlight the value of the product/service you're offering and how it addresses their specific requirements, interests, or issues. Use precise headers and sub-headers and bullet points to describe what they'll get from the offer, focus on the relevant points using text in bold or italics, and keep things as concise as possible.
  • The main call-to-action (CTA) should really pop off the landing page and easily grab the attention of the reader. Use complementary and contrasting colors attract the visitor's attention to the CTA or where ever it is required.
  • The logo should be strategically positioned on all the landing pages. Maintain the same position on all the landing pages for consistency.
  • A landing page design should not include lots of flamboyant images as they do not help conversion. In fact, very often, it diverts the reader from the focal point of the landing page and does not lead to conversion. Though graphics are extremely attractive, they can also enhance the website's load time.
  • Formatting is the one of the essential design best practices that needs to be followed when crafting an attractive landing page. Laying out content, images, form, etc. would help to emphasize the value of your offer and enhance conversion rates by creating a visual-friendly user experience.
  • If you have noticed some of the best landing pages, you might have come across brief case studies or testimonials from customers. In fact, it is necessary to add social proof such as quotes from case studies or testimonials to your landing pages, as it further adds credibility to your content and helps to boost conversions.
  • Page layout is an element that has a crucial impact on the website performance. Always ensure that you are not making any significant alterations every now and then in your landing page. Consistency in the page layout is extremely important.

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