[Drupal] How to build a small business portfolio website with Drupal?

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Today, people are looking for free and easy to use content management systems to run their website. Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) which help users create, structure, and publish content. From a company perspective the priority will be on saving costs and shifting attention back to customers. Here is a useful checklist for developers, to meet the above needs for building a small business website without compromising the quality.


  1. Development environment:
    • PHP 5
    • MySQL database
    • Apache
  2. Get requirements/features proper and confirmed from your client.
  3. Get a free theme selected by your client.
  4. Get the Content, Product images, Favicon, Logo and Banner images.

New Project Checklist:

Step 1: Setup Local DEV Environment.

  • Download Drupal 7.
  • Create a new MySQL database.
  • Create a new virtual host.
  • install Drupal 7.

Step 2: Establish git workflow.

  • Setup the local and remote git repositories.
  • Manage commits for specific features in separate feature branches.
  • Push changes from local to remote git repository.

Step 3: Development

  • Define basic site information.
  • Install and configure Theme.
  • Define global theme configurations.
  • Install and configure required Modules.
  • Define user settings and permissions.
  • Create new content types, if required.
  • Create necessary image styles.
  • Add content.
  • Choose secondary content using with content blocks/ view blocks/view pages.
  • Set up menus and navigation.
  • Export all configurations using Features and add it to the code.
  • Optimize performance: Enable Boost Module.
  • Optimize Security: Enable captcha Module.
  • Optimize SEO: Enable Google Analytics Module.

Step 4: Testing

Step 5: Backup old site, if any.

Step 6: Deployment

  • Get new server space, if required.
  • Get Hosting credentials.
  • Copy the code to the hosting server using git or FTP Client.
  • Create a new database and import your database.