How to integrate your websites with SAP

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Data plays an important role as you create great online shopping experiences for your customers. With the current webtrends it has become important for the commerce sites to find innovative ways to reach customers and drive profitable growth. If you are also searching for data collection then integrating your site with SAP Business One would be one of the best option. This small business software will help you better manage every aspect of your company - from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Read on to know more.

SAP Business One is a business management software aimed at small businesses. As an ERP solution it automates functions in financials, operations, and human resources. SAP Business One is arranged into various modules. The most widely used are Financials, Sales Opportunities, Sales - A/R, Purchasing A/P, Business Partners, Banking, and Inventory. Each module handle specific business tasks on its own, but is linked to the other modules where applicable. These modules can be customized based on our requirements. Having know that SAP Business one was the best option to manage data in our site the next question was how to integrate our site with SAP Business one. There are lots of integration tools available for SAP Business One. We decided to go with Zedsuite integration toolkit which was quite handy to use and satisfied most of our requirements.

Zedsuite integration toolkit provides an API which helps our site to communicate with SAP. Zedsuite API provides with prebuilt options for insertion, updation, deletion and display of objects in SAP. Insertion, updation, deletion are managed using simple XML files which are posted to Zedsuite API. The data insertion from Zedsuit to SAP is handled by Zedsuite intergration toolkit.

Please do refer the link if you are looking out how to insert new order to SAP in Drupal.