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Ionic is a framework helping to build hybrid mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of Cordova/PhoneGap. It makes building of rich mobile UI easier and faster. Apart from basic framework, it includes some tools and utilities also. Generate basic application structure from existing templates, generate icons and splash screens for almost all screen sizes, test the mobile app on desktop browser using built-in webserver etc are few of them.
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We had a requirement in one of our projects to pull the order status from SAP Business One to the orders of our Ecommerce site. Our site was integrated to SAP Business One using Zedsuite. Zedsuite allows custom queries created in SAP Business One to be accessed through an external interface. The query results can be fetched by calling the external URL provided by Zedsuite in our site and the customizations can be made as per our requirement in Drupal. Here in this case we are going to update the order status in E-Commerce site based on the status updates in SAP Business One. Read on to know more.
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Data plays an important role as you create great online shopping experiences for your customers. With the current webtrends it has become important for the commerce sites to find innovative ways to reach customers and drive profitable growth. If you are also searching for data collection then integrating your site with SAP Business One would be one of the best option. This small business software will help you better manage every aspect of your company - from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Read on to know more.