[Theming][Drupal] How to make a fusion sub theme in Drupal 7

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Fusion is a base theme, with different layout and Drupal UI configuration. This theme includes a "starter" subtheme for CSS theming. If you are also looking to start a subtheme using fusion base theme, continue reading...

Creating your fusion subtheme.

  1. Download the fusion theme, copy the fusion_starter folder and rename to any name you like.
  2. Look for .info file inside the same folder and rename to same name you just given to the folder.
  3. Open the .info file and here you can give theme name and description. So that you can easily find your theme in theme list.
  4. Now in the same .info file look for stylesheets[all][] = css/fusion-starter-style.css and replace the "fusion-starter" part with your theme's name
  5. Also rename the fusion-starter-style.css file in the css/ folder to match.
  6. Enable your theme in admin/appearance

You can also add template files to your subtheme. If you are not creating any template files it inherits the template files from Fusion core. Now make changes in css and configuration to create a better theme.