Importance of Reviews in Software Testing

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Review is the process of examining software related documents such as Requirement documents, design documents, user stories, test plan, test specification etc. This gives an opportunity to the team members, managers and clients to get clarity on the requirements and bridge the gap. Suggestions from the team members can be taken on improving the product quality and to make sure that none of the requirements are missed.

Reviews can be broadly classified into,

  • Informal review
  • Formal review

Informal review

As the term suggests, these types of reviews will not have a trained moderator and it will not be a structured one. The Minutes of meetings will not be recorded.

Formal review

Normally formal reviews will be lead by a trained moderator and it will be a structured one. This includes more formal approaches like walkthroughs, technical reviews and inspections.

Reviews increases the quality of the software products and helps in finding the defects and requirement gaps at the early stages of development. This will reduce the amount of rework required and there by increases the efficiency.

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