[Drupal] Import users using the user details given in a file

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If you need to import users from the data given in a file in drupal 6, then user import module is helpful. Using this module, we can upload the file in csv format, which contains user details and select the details from the uploaded file using the user import module.

Here are steps you need to follow to import users with user import module.

Step 1: Download and install User Import module.

Step 2: In permissions , add permission to import users.

Step 3: From Admin menu, select User Management >> User Imports

  • In the 'import' tab, upload CSV file, which contains the user details.(See the attached image userimport1.png)
  • userimport1.png

  • The redirected page contains all the columns in the uploaded csv file listed below the title csv column. Select the corresponding drupal files.(See the attached image userimport3.png)
  • userimport3.png

  • In the 'options' section, there are options to ignore the first line from the csv file, if it contains column titles, to activate account immediately after user import, to send email etc.

To integrate profile from content profile with user import, install Node import module.