[WEB/SOFTWARE TESTING CHECKLISTS] Comment Management Module in Drupal 7 - What are the Test Cases to be considered while testing the Comment Management module configuration on a Drupal 7 site?

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Comment Management module helps a site owner to manage the posted comments on his website. Testing a Comment Management module involves a set of test cases and it is always helpful to keep a checklist for this. Here is something to help you out! Following are the test cases / checklists for Drupal 7 default Comment Management Module

  1. Ensure that Admin is able to post comments.
  2. Ensure that anonymous users are able to post comments.
  3. For security reasons, ensure that for all anonymous users a captcha is set along with the comments block.
  4. Ensure that on posting a comment, a confirmation message is displayed on the page.
  5. Ensure that admin receives an email on posting a comment.
  6. Ensure that all comments posted by anonymous users get displayed under Admin’s unapproved comments page.
  7. Ensure that admin is able to edit, delete or approve a comment.
  8. After a comment has been approved, ensure that it gets removed from the unapproved comments page.
  9. After a comment has been approved, ensure that it gets displayed under the published comments page.
  10. Ensure that admin approved comments get displayed under the corresponding story’s/article’s page.
  11. Ensure that comments on story/article pages deleted by Admin gets removed from those pages.
  12. Ensure that admin is able to unpublish all approved comments.
  13. Ensure that a comment gets removed from the published comments page or story/article page on unpublishing.
  14. Ensure that all unpublished comments get displayed under the unapproved comments page.