First GNU / Linux Install Fest in Kerala for the general public

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As part of the GNU/Linux Users Group in Trivandrum we are proud to bring to computer users in Trivandrum a wonderful opportunity to try out GNU/Linux for free. GNU/Linux Users Group- Trivandrum, Free Software Foundation - India, Zyxware Technologies and joins hand to bring to fruition the first publicly held GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala.

The event is being hosted as a part of Dishaa08 which is a techno-cultural festival organized by the Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, Trivandrum. The details about the event can be found at -
GNU/Linux Install Fest at Trivandrum. You can also find more information at The GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum Website. The event has already received a lot of media attention and there has been lot of interest generated among the public who have been contacting the organizers regarding the GNU/Linux Install Fest.

If you Live in or around Trivandrum and would like to make use of this opportunity bring your Laptop or Desktop to the event at Kanakkunnu Palace on 12th April 2008 and get Ubuntu (or any other distro of your choice) installed on your system at the Event.

The GNU/Linux Users Group in Trivandrum is composed of a very active and dynamic body of volunteers. You can get more information about the GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum from the website or from the Google Group - ilug-tvm. If you are a GNU/Linux User or if you would like to try out this wonderful Operating system, you should definitely register at the ilug-tvm google group and join the fun.