[Drupal Testing] What are the test cases to be considered while testing slideshow in Drupal?

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Slideshow is one of the common functionality you would find in the homepage of websites. It is nothing but the slides with text/pictures used to give an idea of the website. It can be used to summarize the various aspects of the company into a compact and user-friendly slider. Slideshows can be of different designs. Some of the websites use buttons to highlight the navigation of the slides while others use numbers, thumbnail images and so on. Here I have included an image, in which numbering is used for highlighting slider navigation.

Following are the test cases to be considered while testing slideshow in Drupal.

  • Ensure the design of the slideshow on all browsers (browser compatibility).
  • Ensure the images on the slideshow are the one given by the client.
  • Ensure the smoothness and automatic loading of the slides.
  • Ensure that the slideshows are getting loaded (manually) when the user clicks the right arrow on the slides.
  • Ensure the order of the slideshow images.
  • Ensure whether the slides can be clicked and thumbnail is getting displayed on mouse overing.
  • Ensure whether five buttons (the number is as per the requirement) corresponding to each slideshow image is displayed below the slideshow (to the right).
  • Ensure whether on clicking each button, the corresponding slideshow image is displayed.
  • Ensure whether each button below the slideshow is highlighted when the corresponding image is loaded.
  • Ensure whether the time interval of slideshow is same for all the images.
  • Ensure whether on clicking each image of the slideshow, the corresponding page is displayed.
  • Ensure whether administrator (or role who has permission to configure/manage the dispaly of slideshow) is able to change the image and the url of the slides.

Slideshows are one of the strategies used by companies to enhance its marketing. Innovative yet simple and creative slideshows attract people to the website, thereby increasing the traffic. Thus it is clear that Sliders play a crucial role in the success of corporate websites. You are free to contribute to this article via comments or social networking. Enjoy testing..:)