[Drupal] Which is the recommended version of Drupal for building a new site?

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Drupal 8 will be released probably by Dec 2013 or so and when that happens maintenance of Durpal 6 will be stopped. Contributed modules for Drupal will probably take a while more before they have Drupal 8 versions. Until popular contributed modules have stable Drupal 8 versions it would probably be safer to start small projects using Drupal 7.

For larger projects it might be alright to start building your site in Drupal 8 if you have the time and the budget to contribute towards migration of the contributed modules required for your project. If you don't have either the time or the budget then it would be wiser to stick with Drupal 7.

Starting a new project in Drupal 6 is an absolute NO NO at this point.

Do note that this is a time sensitive article written in May 2013 and the opinions cited in this article may not be relevant after a few months from writing this article. The concepts would still hold though. Contact us to get our recommendation on what version of Drupal should you be using to build your new site.