Content quality checklist for content managment on

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The technical content posted on is being managed and reviewed by a team called the Tech Content Team (TCT) and all the content that gets published goes through a TCT review process. Please find below the TCT content quality checklist that is used for the final check on articles before they go live on the site.

Zyxware’s Tech Content Team would like to put across the following points that we usually look for while doing the Content Review of an article received as a submission to the Tech Content Submission System. Content Review deals with the meaningfulness of the content, checking for grammatical errors and correct usages. It also goes through the content flow, ensuring a logical continuity throughout the article. Here is the checklist we usually use for that:

  • Have the submitted image attachments been correctly cropped to show only the area under focus?
  • Have all images been scaled to fit in the display area / added as attachments if too large?
  • Are all images clear enough, so that the area/text/features under focus are clearly visible?
  • Are the images in the required format (JPG)?
  • Has the article clearly mentioned where to place each image?
  • Are there any spelling mistakes?
  • Are there any grammar mistakes?
  • Are there any punctuation mistakes / missing punctuation?
  • Is there a logical order in the content flow?
  • Is there enough linking information regarding related content already existing on the site?
  • Has all Drupal functions been linked to corresponding pages on
  • Are there correct references to external content?