Zyxware Technologies conducts work shop on GIMP in partnership with Indian Dental Association (IDA)

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Zyxware recently conducted a session on GIMP for dentists. The workshop was conducted on the 17th of December, 2012. This was as part of a workshop organised by Indian Dental Association for their members on photography and photo editing. Zyxware conducted a 4 hour session on photo editing using GIMP, a Free Software Tool. Photography and photo editing are important skills for the modern day dentist given the requirements of documentation and research and communication with patients. Recognising the need for training for dentists in these areas, the IDA has taken an important step by organising this workshop. That they have chosen Free Software Tools like GIMP is commendable.

The syllabus for the photo editing using GIMP at the workshop was as follows.

  1. Introduction to Gimp
  2. Fundamentals of Image files and formats
    • The right formats and sizes for different processes (email,print,ppt,word processors)
  3. Use Digital Image Manipulation Software (Graphics Editor)
  4. Navigating the Workspace
    • The Menu Bar
    • The Status Bar
    • The Toolbox
    • The Palettes
  5. Working with Documents
    • Navigator Palette & Hand Tool
    • New View & Duplicate
  6. Image Size & Resolution
    • Image Size Dialog Box
    • Resizing Practice
    • Canvas Size
  7. Color
    • Color, Hue and Saturation
    • Histograms
  8. Crop Tool
    • Crop Tool Practice
    • History Palette Basics
    • Saving Images
    • Image Modes & Color Selection
  9. Layers and Blend Modes
    • Intro to Layers & The Layers Palette
    • Move, Copy & Transform Layers
  10. Selections and Masks
    • Selection Tools
    • Select Menu Commands
    • Transforming Selections
  11. Adding and Working with Type
    • Working With Type Introduction
  12. Healing tool
  13. Cloning tool
  14. Color balance
  15. Brightness-Contrast and Curves.
  16. Importance of Backing up drives