A brief note on functions used in spreadsheets

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The use of functions in spreadsheets make the otherwise complex procedures relatively simple. Some of the commonly used functions are,


    ISBLANK function could be used to check for null values or blank values.

    Syntax:- ISBLANK(value) 

    Parameters: 'value' indicates what is to test. The function returns TRUE if value is blank and FALSE if value is not blank.

  • PROPER()

    PROPER function is to set the first letter of each word into uppercase and the rest of them into lower case.

     Syntax: PROPER(text) 

    Parameters: The 'text' indicates the string whose first letter to convert into upper case and rest of the letters to lower case.


    ISNUMBER function to check whether the value is numeric or not.

     Syntax: ISNUMBER(value) 

    Parameters: 'value' indicates the value to test and if it is a number then the function returns TRUE and if not the function returns FALSE.

  • LEN()

    LEN function to return the length of the specified string.

     Syntax: LEN(text) 

    Parameters: 'text' indicates the string whose length is the return.

  • TODAY()

    TODAY function to return the current date.

     Syntax: TODAY() 
  • VALUE()

    VALUE function converts a numeric text value to number.

     Syntax: VALUE(text) 

    Parameters: 'text' indicates the return value as a number and if the value is not a number then the function returns #VALUE!.


    COLUMNS function returns the number of columns of a given reference.

     Syntax: COLUMNS(Array) 

    Parameters: Array is the reference to a cell range whose total number of columns found.


    HYPERLINK function to pass a URL as the parameter and on clicking a cell with HYPERLINK function the hyperlink opens.

     Syntax: HYPERLINK("URL") 

    Parameters: URL specifies the link.

  • DDE

    Returns DDE-based link as the result.

     Syntax: DDE("Server";"File";"Range";Mode) 

    Parameters: Server specifies the name of the server application.

    File is the file to search for.

    Range is the area to search for the data.

    Mode is a parameter that controls the method by which the DDE server converts its data into numbers. This parameter is optional.