[Drupal] How to configure the @font-your-face module in Drupal 7?

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@font-your-face module helps us to manage web fonts in all popular browsers and it provides the user interface for applying web fonts. If you want to know "How to configure a @font-your-face module in drupal 7" then continue reading

  1. Download @font-your-face module from the link: http://drupal.org/project/fontyourface
  2. Enable Modules: (admin >> modules)
    • Enable @font-your-face module
    • Enable Submodules @font-your-face UI, Font Squirrel API, Fontdeck, Fonts.com, Google Fonts API, Local Fonts, Typekit API
    • Add Permission for administrator (Admin >> people >> permissions)
  3. For enabling fonts
    • Appearance >> @font-your-face >> browse all fonts >> browse fonts or google fonts )
    • Enable fonts from this list
  4. For enabling fonts for CSS selectors (Appearance >> @font-your-face)
    • Select font for CSS selectors
    • Click on " Save applied CSS selectors " for saving the fonts
  5. For enabling fonts By font (Appearance >> @font-your-face)
    • Select font for corresponding css
    • Click on " Save applied fonts " for saving the fonts
  6. For enabling fonts for theme (Appearance >> @font-your-face)
    • Simply copy and paste the text below into your theme.info file.

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